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About Us


Hi! I’m Melissa and welcome to MoMi.

As someone who has always struggled with allergies and skin rashes my entire life, I can’t use a lot of commercial products. Unscented, Natural and Prescription are common sites in my cabinet. Oh, and I can only use 1 detergent and traditional cleaning products send me running for the allergy medicine.

 When pregnant with son it’s no surprise that things went a little crazy. After trying to control my skin with my standard regiment, I was still struggling. My doctor upped the strength of steroid cream, but I worried about the implications of long term stronger steroid use. This led me to ask about other more natural alternatives. My doctor suggested taking Epsom baths.

This simple ingredient did wonders but didn’t smell good and was boring. As a Chemical Engineer, I knew there had to be more I could do. After some research, I discovered essential oils in the bath could provide benefits and likely not cause additional problems in small quantities. I gave it a try and was hooked!

Then I started thinking, other people might benefit from products that are made from natural, straight forward ingredients. MoMi Skin Essentials has evolved from bath salts and teas to scrubs, lip balms, shower steamers and a full skin care line.

All products are made in small batches in a gluten free workshop in my home and with nut free ingredients. Also, other than soap, there is no coconut oil in any of the products. If you are sensitive to coconut like I am, you know how hard it is to find products without it. Many of the products come in glass containers or reusable plastic as environmental responsibility is important as is looking good on the counter.

Self-care is so important especially when there is usually more on our plates than time in the day.  Thank you for coming by and I hope you enjoy the natural luxury that MoMi embodies!   

Wishing you many #LittleHappys,




6 thoughts on “About Us

  1. I received shower steamers from a friend and am interested in purchasing some but couldn’t find them on your website.

    Thank you

    1. Hi there! You caught me…it’s now posted under aromatherapy. Let me know if you have any questions.

  2. Hi Melissa, I just had a facial using your product at Renu. It was rather hard to convince them that I wanted facial with your products. They wanted to charge me $120 extra. After some conversation, they agreed to do it under my monthly charge. I do like your product and “think” I have convinced them to include it with the monthly charge club. I would also like to get some of your eye gel–I do not see it here, but perhaps I missed it. The naked oil is proving to work really well on my legs….
    Thanks and Happy New Year!!!

    1. Annie,
      So sorry for the challenges at your facial appointment. The eye gel is not on the website yet but I will have it at the Renew event on January 30th! Hope to see you there and definitely want to hear about your results with the Naked Body Oil.
      Be on the lookout for an email from me!

  3. Where in Texas are you located?

    1. Georgetown, Texas. Just north of Austin.

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